Phantom Crash

The year is 2025. The Japanese government, in order to cope with the massive air pollution and endless economic loss of Tokyo, transfers the capital to `Neo Tokyo`, a dome city built on the Tokyo Harbor. A few years later, abandoned `Old Tokyo` becomes the battleground for `Rumbling`. In Rumbling, the contenders face each other while riding highly mobile armored land vehicles called `Scoobees`, and receive fortune and fame by destroying others. It`s now the year 2031, the Rumbling is the biggest hit the entertainment business ever had! Now is the time for YOU to join the Rumbling. To proclaim you are the master of the battle!

* Incredible realism: Exciting battles that take place in realistic future Shinjuku! – The theater of battle is the 3D-modeled Shinjuku district of Tokyo. You’ll experience the roar of a Vulcan cannon, the Shattering glasses of a nearby shop window, the bullet-ridden walls. You can taste the excitement from a realistic virtual locale.

* A dangerous game of hide-and-seek: A totally new form of battle made possible by Optic Camouflage! – The Scoot Vehicle (a.k.a. Scoobee) can adjust the refraction of surrounding lights with Optic Camouflage, cloaking itself in invisibility. The only detector that isn’t rendered useless from the Camouflage is the sonar. You’ll be soaked in sweat and anticipation as you engage in a hide-and-seek match that literally puts your life at stake.

* Diverse mechanic designs that can be fully customized by the player! – The Scoobee’s appearance, from camouflage paintings to color imprints can be changed with the installation of new parts. You can also customize the colors of the vehicle by adjusting the texture and RGB of the basic forms. In effect, you can have a Scoobee that is completely unique, different from anyone else’s.

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