HunterX (Switch) Review with stream

Metroidvania’s are an ever increasingly popular genre, with entries like Bloodstained and Hallow Knight pressing the gas.  So when you get new entries in the genre, such as HunterX, the knowledge of the required formula is almost always guaranteed to be there as with most well worn categories.  The question starts to become about how […]

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FiberTales: DummyKart (PC) Review with stream

There are some games out there that feel like they just miss the mark of being good but a handful of changes or additions could have made the entire experience into a classic.  Then there are the games like FiberTales, that miss the mark of being entertaining, their genre, basic controls, or any kind of […]

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Seven Pirates H (Switch) Review

Seven Pirates H is the fourth title in the Genkai Tokki series (Monster Monpiece, Moero Chronicle and Moero Crystal being the others).  This might be a surprise to most people, as Compile Heart dropped that prefix from all of the titles when they were released in the West.  Mixing various RPG elements with a pretty […]

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The Last Friend (Switch) Review with stream

True, fluid, 2D art style is something that has had its fad pass for video games.  For a while it wasn’t uncommon to see a title like Guacamelee or another title from Vanillaware popping up, and it was a sad day when that time had passed.  Thankfully the tower defense/brawler title, The Last Friend, is […]

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Good Knight (PC) Review

There is a section of the gaming population that truly enjoys difficult games.  They enjoy the challenge, thriving on it, counting each frame, mapping each move on the way to victory.  For those players there are games like I wanna be the Guy, and Boshy.  Good Knight is not only designed with them in mind, […]

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