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    Castle Renovator (Xbox One) Review

    Ready your squire and mount your steed, Ultimate Games’ Castle Renovator transports us back to a time when mud was in abundance and decaying teeth were rife. Adding to the ceaseless torrent of simulator games (we’re not complaining) released this year, this fresh console release is, in fact, Steam’s Castle Flipper under a brand new […]

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    Forest Ranger Simulator (PC – Kickstarter Demo Build) – Review

    With so many simulation games landing recently, Forest Ranger Simulator developers really have their work cut out. To stand out from the recent torrent of sim titles, something special needs to be brought to the proverbial table and a new bar needs to be set. Thankfully, the Kickstarter project is in the very capable hands […]

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    Ships 22 (Xbox Series X) Review

    I’d like to say that Game’s Box’s latest Xbox release, Ships 22, was ship-shape (I’m so sorry) but sadly it’s a far cry from ‘full sails ahead’, instead choosing to hit that iceberg within the first 10-minutes of play. With the nautical puns – almost – out of the way, let’s take a look at […]

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    Ship Graveyard Simulator (Xbox One) Review

    Having recently written a review on Animal Shelter Simulator, I was excited to play Games Incubator’s latest simulation game, Ship Graveyard Simulator. The word on the grapevine is that Xbox – both Marketplace and GamePass – have been inundated with titles ending with ‘simulator’. While we agree with the general consensus, we don’t necessarily believe […]

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    Slaycation Paradise (PC) Review

    Tucked away in the far reaches of our galaxy lies the perfect getaway retreat for tired and weary intergalactic travelers. Slaycation Paradise is a cutting-edge facility of the future that provides a service for those looking to slay their woes away. What better way to unwind in a decaying world than to ship away to […]

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