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    The Pinball Wizard (PC) Review

    The Pinball Wizard is a fun and addictive collision of the recently popular dungeon-crawler genre and the age-old classic pinball games. Developed by Frost Games, this pleasantly surprising hybrid was originally released as an iOS game but, due to popular demand, has now branched out to Steam and the Nintendo Switch. The Pinball Wizard – […]

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    The Darkest Tales: Into the Nightmare (PC) Review

    The Darkest Tales: Into the Nightmare throws you into a fantastical world of the dark side of fairy tales, penned by The Brothers Grimm. Playing as a disgruntled teddy bear, you’re awakended from a deep slumber – in which you’ve happly been enjoying – by a luminescent flying orb named ‘Lighty’ that tells you your […]

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    Gas Station Simulator (Xbox One) Review

    Gas Station Simulator is the new game in Drago Entertainment’s repertoire. So far this year, we have seen a magnitude of simulation games being released. With electricians, power washer operatives, chefs, fisherpeople, farmers, and train drivers all receiving the simulation treatment; it really does seem we are slap bang in the middle of the Era […]

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    FIFA 23 (PC) Review

    It’s 1993, Whitney Housten is telling everybody she will always love us through HiFi systems and ‘ghetto blasters’ the world over, while Haddaway asks us “What is Love?”. The fashion is questionable and Steely Dan make their first comeback. These were simple times. Gamers were reveling in the glory of 16-bit awesomeness and wondering how […]

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    Eville (Xbox One) Review

    Step into the whimsically wonderful, colorful world of Eville in this medieval whodunnit from Vest Games. Use your powers of deduction and investegitive skills to nail the culprit, or sneak under the cover of darkness to kill innocent villagers. Eville – Graphics The visual beauty of Eville is what first struck us. The cartoon style […]

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