Hoyle Majestic Chess

Hoyle Majestic Chess is a unique chess PC game featuring a variety of play styles, traditional and non-traditional learning mechanisms, robust Internet play and multiple chess-based challenges. With the abundance of options, Majestic Chess is uncharacteristically accessible to all levels of players, providing hours of fun for both the expert as well as the casual gamer who enjoys puzzles and board games. A top-notch chess product from members of the original Chessmaster team, Majestic Chess can go head to head with Chessmaster on any feature point AND includes ‘Chess Adventure’ ? an entirely original game that introduces the fun of chess by presenting a variety of challenges and puzzles in the context of a larger adventure.

* Hoyle, the #1 Best-Selling Family Entertainment Franchise

* Superior Chess Engine

* Multiple play modes, including robust Internet play, computer vs. computer (learning mode), player vs. computer, and Chess Adventure

* Chess Adventure- a unique game that introduces chess concepts in the context of a greater strategic adventure

* 24 artificially intelligent personalities to play against with a wide variety of adjustable settings to accommodate different play styles and levels

* Multiple chess sets, including 2D and 3D

* Multiple time controls

* Tutorials

* 2nd Generation, Natural Language Teaching- provides recommended moves in detail, using basic chess terms

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