Etrian Odyssey IV 3DS Available Now

ATLUS announced the release of Etrian OdysseyIV: Legends of the Titan, available on the Nintendo 3DS, available in retail stores as well as for digital download on Nintendo eShop.  Etrian Odyssey IV delivers a wealth of content with more than 30 hours of RPG action, enhanced graphics and 3D effects, more immersive 3D dungeons, and upgradeable skyships that let players travel and battle among the clouds.  Those that pre-order or pick up Etrian Odyssey IV at retail launch will be treated to a limited edition art book, with exclusive images created by famed illustrator Alexandra Douglass, as well as a music CD full of early arrangements by game composer Yuzo Koshiro (while supplies last).

Players will utilize the 3DS’ bottom touch screen to chart out a path and create maps to aid in the team’s survival of the dangers that await. The game delivers deep character creation and party customization options, and an all-new casual play option will provide greater accessibility for novices.  Players may access the guild card and character trading functionality through the 3DS StreetPass feature, and alternately trade content using QR codes as well.

Much like the QR codes distributed for the game’s demo, ATLUS is providing additional QR Codes for the retail version of the game that will allow users to unlock more in-game gift items and quests. These QR codes will appear in various ATLUS channels, including FaceBook and Twitter pages, through the launch window and beyond.

Etrian Odyssey IV is gaming’s best tribute to retro RPGs,” said Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ATLUS.  “While this game is the epitome of old-school RPG, we’re excited to add new elements to truly leverage the 3DS including 3D dungeons, StreetPass functionality, and ability to read QR codes for special quests and items.”

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  1. Avatar of gillman gillman says:

    Just bought this game. It is awesomely hard.

  2. Avatar of SquallSnake SquallSnake says:

    If you played the demo, you can carry over your progress in the main game. Also, Altus has been posting QR codes everywhere which unlock certain features/items in the game.

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