Dragon Empires

Dragon Empires, Codemasters’ groundbreaking Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) will create a world set when magic is plentiful and the lives of humans and dragons intertwined. Its world is one of 100 lands spread over five empires, a world that can be ruled by player clans, one where uniquely player-to-player combat is always possible and a world whose strongholds are guarded and policed by fiercely protective dragons.

* In a massively multiplayer online world, don the guise of a unique character and enter a tumultuous world of war, betrayal and adventure. Select from three different races and fifteen classes, and through experience, grow and add to your skills as you become more and more influential in the hierarchy of the Dragon Empires.

* Do battle with terrifying monsters, hack through deadly dungeons and undertake a myriad of quests; establish your personal power and ultimately rise above the crowd to lead a clan of your own.

* Five mighty dragons rule over the Empires. Centuries of their influence has altered each realm to reflect their individual presence. Little concerned with the politics and power struggles of humanity, the dragons’ godlike aloofness is only to be expected. But when their attention is drawn to terrestrial events and they grant authority and lands to their chosen clans, monumental battles ensue as rivals seek to usurp their power.

A Player Driven world:

* The Dragon Empires game engine creates an authentic and realistic environment with factors of conquest, trade and politics all affected by the choices that YOU make. With the ability to topple powerful enemy clans and capture cities, followers flock to your banner and rival clan leaders fear your vengeance as you all struggle to maintain or overthrow the balance of power.

PvP and combat:

* As the hierarchy of territorial ownership between clans is a fundamental part of Dragon Empires, Player vs Player combat is an optional part of your rise to power. It matters not if you are the outlaw raiding travelling traders in the wilderness, or the bounty hunter that protects their welfare – you will eventually come into conflict with human opponents. Whether this transpires as a one on one duel, or an all-out war as rival clans clash, there are often far bigger prizes than a traveller’s purse of gold to be fought over. More is at stake than fame and fortune however. Be careful who you swear allegiance to, as your individual decisions can change the political map of the Dragon Empires.

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