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Dressing A Digital Doll –

More of an app than an actual game, Doll Fashion Atelier is basically a ClipArt generator with some weak Gameboy Camera-like features.


Tap your stylus on the touch screen. Simple.

Ultimately, there just isn’t much to do with this $4.99 digital download. From a simple title screen, the user selects a doll, picks a dress for it to wear with some accessories like hats or handbags, then can optionally “deck it out” by adding picture enhancers like boarders or stamps.

Here’s a 5 minute video of pretty much everything this title has to offer:

Once this image is saved, that’s it. I guess the user could upload this picture to Miiverse or put the 3DS’s SD card into a computer to save it and manually spread throughout social media, but I am not sure why anyone would want to share a simple, non-animated Clipart image.

These are your options of gameplay

These are the options of gameplay

Obviously I am not the target audience for this doll dressing up sim but there really just isn’t much to do regardless.

Pics can be viewed from the 3DS camera.

Pics can be viewed from the 3DS camera.

Perhaps the best feature of this eShop exclusive is the ability to take a picture with either the front or back facing camera and then dressing it up with the optional boarders and stamps. However, this selfie-loving feature is rather hidden and can be easily overlooked as it is accessed by tapping a small camera icon on the bottom left of the touch screen.  Like the 2D non-animated doll sprite generator, these images can be saved just like the camera app on your phone. But without an easy way to share them, there sort of is no point. Perhaps the developers were afraid of users easily uploading wrongful images..? Users could use the factory-installed camera app on the 3DS with similar effect as well.

You can use the Doodle option to draw a penis if you want.

You can use the Doodle option to draw a penis if you want.

Outside of tapping through a few screens to dress up an anime doll and taking selfies, there is literally nothing else to do.  Sure, the user can change the background music and there are dozens of ClipArt pieces to choose from, but there is little to no entertainment value in this downloadable 3DS title.

Bite me

Eat me

Not As Good As: Style Savvy: Trendsetters
Similar To: the camera app on your phone
Also Try: Mario Paint

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

Why yes I do! Thanks for asking.

Why yes I do! Thanks for asking.

There are five categories to choose from.

There are five categories to choose from.

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