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A five-dollar downloadable third person anime 3D fighter on DSiWare is rather attention grabbing and unexpected for Nintendo’s online service and screenshots might make it look like Sega’s Virtual-On series but the gameplay is nothing short of disappointing and borderline unplayable.

Good luck trying to find your opponent

Good luck trying to find your opponent

There are only four fighters to choose from which puts a pretty high restriction on variety and even game length.  However, the short gameplay time is actually the best aspect since Clash of Elementalists just isn’t very good. But to be fair, this game is only $5.

Unfortunately, the broken camera system holds back the entire experience. Instead of focusing on fighting your opponent, the player battles more with the lacking camera. Without any type of lock-on function or button, the majority of the battle is spent getting attacked from off screen and just trying to figure out where the opponent is.  The only way the camera will move favorability is when the player issues the jump command, but needless to say, jumping randomly isn’t always the best action to take.  Making matters worse, by the time you lock on, the opponent usually dashes away by the time your ranged attack even makes its way to the target.  The entire play control system is annoying, flawed, and broken.  Attacking with the shoulder buttons is also just plain weird.

Not bad looking for a cheap 3D game

Not bad looking for a cheap 3D game

From the main menu it seems like there are a lot of options to choose from.  The truth is they are all basically the same thing, artificially increasing replay value.  Arcade pits you against each of the four characters in sequential order, Free Battle lets the player play just a single match, Versus is available through a local wireless connection if two players own the game, and Training just allows the player to try and make sense of the terrible camera system without any tutorial or instruction.

Most fights are just plain unfair and offer a high degree of challenge. While this was probably done intentionally since there are only four characters to select from, the frustration is not worth the effort.  If the camera didn’t suck so bad and if the combat was a little more balanced, Clash of the Elementalists has potential to be something special.


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