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Building from the success of the South Park: The Stick of Truth, Ubisoft’s prose-based RPG Child of Light is a $15 download about a female youth.

Built using Ubisoft Framework and familiar RPG light, combat and venturing takes place on a 2D plight. Hero Aurora is red-haired and light because early she realizes she has the power of flight. Flying makes traversal explorative and a joy, while the active time combat can be avoided and coy.   Gameplay is engrossing because level ups are often which makes sure Aurora stays strong and out of a coffin.

Combat is a unique twist on the active time battle system

Combat is a unique twist on the active time battle system

A light blue flame is Aurora’s constant sidekick but luckily for the player he is mapped to the second analog stick. Here this light is controllable at will and opens the door for puzzle solving and kills. Combat is balanced and never too easy while fans will see the resemblance to Mario & Luigi. A hybrid of genres this game is a blend, but always remains balanced from beginning to end.

Everything rhymes

Everything rhymes

Along the way Aurora will meet new pals, who all have predicaments with their struggling morals. Switching of characters is similar to Final Fantasy, just do not expect the platforming of Mario Galaxy. Aurora fights in combat with a very large dagger to give the game its master gimmick, the ability to stagger.

Look. It is purdy.

Look. It is purdy.

Child of Light has a presentation of a whimsical children’s book but do not despair as it provides its main hook. Friendly and welcoming it’s a coming of age but gameplay and narrative always remain center stage. Unlike the shooters and mature games of yore, this red head princess is rarely seen as a chore. For only fifteen dollars play at your leisure because Child of Light is a surprise hit treasure.


On Par With: Shel Silverstein

Better Than: Sesame Street 123

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
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  1. Avatar of petrushka petrushka says:

    Currently at chapter 5 of this game and I’m loving everything about it so far! I’m playing in Casual Mode right now so everything’s a little too easy but the world is beautiful, the poetic dialogue makes the occasional fourth-wall shattering line very funny and I missed time-based attacks a la old-school FF games so that was a plus. And again, the world is just so, so beautiful. My inner completionist loves all the hidden corners in this world too since it makes getting every chest and treasure that much more worthwhile. The only downside here is that I know it’s only 10 chapters long so it’s a little too short! I’m hoping I can wring every single enjoyment I can have out of this experience however. And I’m looking forward to Ubisoft Montreal’s next game with a similar style/theme.

  2. Avatar of Atlas_Hope Atlas_Hope says:

    I absolutely adore the art style of this game, reminds me of Dust: An Elysian Tale but a little rougher and more hand-drawn. I think it’s a really fun little game and pretty accessible due to the real-time battle system being fun for those who aren’t generally fans of turn-based battles. Would recommend based on the visuals and dialogue alone.

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