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As a follow up to Castle Conqueror EX, Castle Conqueror Defender is a completely different type of game and retains Circle Entertainment’s impressive streak of creating low cost but highly entertaining eShop games.

CCD is a tower defense title but is presented in a way that makes it unique. The right side of the screen is dedicated for your castle where it is up to player to plan for oncoming waves of attack from the left side of the screen. Besides placing different types of troops like swordsmen, built for melee combat, and archers, designed to be placed on castle walls for long range combat, castle walls must be fortified, barricades can slow enemy progression and houses can be built inside the castle walls to accommodate more troops. The gimmick is the more enemies defeated, the more money that is earned to purchase new troops, repair the castle, or build castle enhancement. Like other Circle games, there is a sense of balance spread equally throughout gameplay to make each match enjoyable, satisfying, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Caslte Conqueror Def 1

The screen can be full of enemies at times

The main campaign will take hours to complete but there is a meta-game that unlocks tons of new content when the main mode is completed, giving this game a wealth of replayability. Like other Circle games, there is no stereoscopic 3D option but the outlined cartoon-like graphics are well designed and animated, giving the entire experience a comical but yet serious tone. The soundtrack is also moving and really sets the mood an oncoming war. In other words, for a $5 cost, there is a ton of game here even though CCD, like most other Circle games, is solely a single player experience.

Glory Mode and Crusader Mode are unlocked in time

Glory Mode and Crusader Mode are unlocked in time

Even though the gameplay is addictive and very much worth the low cost of $5, the lack of tutorial and general instruction, which has also plagued previous Circle games, is the major shortcoming. The options menu contains some “how-tos” but doesn’t go into detail and will still leave some questions unanswered. Sure, players can figure everything out in time and with some trial and error but it isn’t the most efficient way to play. The other annoyance is the need to constantly switch between Circle Pad, face buttons, and touch screen control.

Eventually the game expands to new units and bigger environments

Eventually the game expands to new units and bigger environments

Like most other Circle Entertainment games, CCD is a worthy addition to their unappreciated, sleeper-hit library of 3DS eShop games.


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  1. Avatar of nate5 nate5 says:

    I feel like most tower defense games get quite repetitive after a while. However, this game seems interesting. I think I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks for the review!

  2. Avatar of cyberpinoy cyberpinoy says:

    I love tower defense games> I think Castle Conqueror Defender will certainly be a buy for me. Thank you for such a well presented review. It has surely helped bring my awareness to this game.

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