Blade and Sword

The Path to Enlightenment is as thin and narrow as the blade of a sword…

Blade and Sword, the first PC Game title which combines exciting action fighting and RPG elements with mysterious martial arts from ancient China. Unlike traditional RPG methods of either turn-based or point and click attack, Blade and Sword gives players control of each move in the style of a Kung Fu action game.

* 3 Unique player characters, 36 Kung Fu attacks, 12 Super attacks

* Three chapters with 40 unique levels

* 4 difficulty levels

* 40 unique monsters with special melee or array grouping combat AI

* Customizable Combo Attacks, release the creativity to design your own Kung Fu

* 100+ game items plus a complete jewel system to strengthen your character

* Approximately 140 hours of game play

* Full Multiplayer: Play easily over LAN or internet

* Full-screen light and shadow effects

* 12 hours day and night periods

* Virtual weather system.

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