Bicycle 21: Texas Hold ‘Em

Bicycle Casino Games captures all of the glamour and excitement of high stakes gaming and brings it straight from the Vegas Strip to your PC! Earn “comp” awards or try the Ultimate Casino Challenge. All this plus 21 of your favorite casino games. Grab your chance to be a virtual High-Roller! Plus, for the first time — all of your family’s favorite card games are now included in a full version of Bicycle Card Games.

* 21 all-time favorite casino games including: Video slots, Texas Hold ‘Em, & Pai Gow

* Tutorials make learning new games fun and easy

* Improved UI makes it easier to find and play your favorite games

* Licensed representations of Treasure Island, The Mirage, and the Bellagio

* MP3 support to customize music selections

* Laptop version (small footprint install)

* Plus a full FREE version of Bicycle Card Games, including: Euchre, War, 26 variations of Solitaire, Bridge, Crazy 8’s and many more!

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