UEFA Euro 2004

UEFA EURO 2004 is a football sim in the style of the FIFA games. In EURO 2004 mode players can play as any of the 51 European nations. Players can arrange and play friendly matches against other nations or play through the tournament going from qualifying, to playoffs and into the finals. In addition to tracking injuries and suspensions, a new dynamic morale system will track players’ morale, which will fluctuate based on individual and team performances and affect player abilities on the field.

* New Right Analog Skill Moves: 10+ all new Right analog skill moves including drag backs, step-overs and the nutmeg, get the ball to the highly skilled players (e.g. Zidane, Figo) and watch them perform spectacular moves and success is based off timing and the attributes of the defender.

* New Through Passes: Split the defenders with two all new through passes, use the ground through pass to play the ball into space for your teammates to run on to,use the chip through pass to play the ball into space over the top of the defenders.

* New Chip Shot: New Chip shot, use it inside the area to lift the ball over the oncoming goalkeeper and use it outside the area to leave the goalkeeper stranded.

* New Fake Shot: Confuse defenders by performing a fake shot while keeping hold of the ball.

* New Crossing Model: New crossing model allows the user to easily pull off pinpoint crosses into the penalty area and use the new early cross modifier to play the ball towards the penalty area from anywhere inside your opponents half.

* New Bicycle Kicks and Diving Headers: Perform spectacular moves such as bicycle kicks and diving headers.

* New ?EURO 2004? Mode: Choose any one of the 51 European nations and play through the EURO 2004 tournament, Multiplayer (supports 1 ? 4 users), select your squad from a pool of the best 40 players your country has to offer, attempt to qualify for the EURO 2004 finals through the qualifying round and playoffs, arrange and play friendly matches against other nations, dynamic morale model (Morale tracked for every player and it will fluctuate depending on team and individual performance. Morale can positively or negatively impact a player?s abilities on the field), injuries, suspensions and view a detailed Scouting report on the opposing team before every match.

* New ?Home and Away?: All new ?Home and Away? mode that supports the 2 leg format, play two matches back to back, in each of the team?s home stadiums and play with the Away Goals rule on or off.

* New ?Fantasy? mode: All new ?Fantasy? mode allows the user to create a custom dream team and play a match against another custom team and select players from any of the 51 European teams to create the ultimate team.

* New ?Situation? mode: All new ?Situation? mode allows the user to create a custom game situation. Create challenging situations by customizing the teams, score, half, time remaining, yellow cards and red cards and enter the match at that exact point.

* New ?Tournament? mode: All new Tournament mode allows the user to create a custom tournament, Multiplayer (supports 1 ? 4 users), select from three different formats (League, Knockout and League + Knockout), choose the size of the tournament (4, 8, 16, 32) and set up the rules including 1 or 2 legs and away Goals Rule and Extra Time Format.



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