StarCraft: Ghost (Preview)

Blizzard is one of the very few developers who have, in many eyes, never released a bad title. Their battlefield of our dollar has always been on the PC market. Yes, there have been console versions of WarCraft II, Diablo and StarCraft, but they were never handled by Blizzard. Always a third party was employed to port them over. Now, one assumption we need to correct is that Blizzard is not developing StarCraft: Ghost. The developer Nihilistic is taking charge of artistic and creative direction of this game. Blizzard is just lending the name and production money to the talent. The company developing Ghost does have major talent though. Ex-StarCraft Team and Jedi Knight Team members make up a good portion of the staff, yet their June 2000 released PC title, Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption, was at best a flawed masterpiece; but, from what we have seen so far of Ghost, it seems they are in control of their talent this time around.

After the bloodbath of the PC expansion, Brood War, we are thrown into the control of Nova, a Terran Ghost. If you have never played the StarCraft game and it’s excellent expansion, then a description is needed. A Ghost, is a unit for the Terran race of the game. They have psychic powers that allow them to sneak into a base and tag a structure for an nuclear attack. Think of Solid Snake or Sam Fisher with pseudo-mystic powers. Anyways, not a whole lot is known about the story, but we have heard a lot about the locales. Some are very familiar as well. From the lush Protoss world of Aiur to some locations straight from the game such as the Mar Sara bases.

Nova will be pitted against many foes taken from the infamous races of StarCraft – from the nasty Zerg, to the technically advanced Protoss, and even her own Terran brothers. Of course, she is all about stealth. Her powers allow her free passage without being seen (Predator style) or they can help in a good old fashion ass kicking. Her abilities allow her to do many things, such as cloaking, enhanced vision (UV and IR), speed enhancements, and trap detection, which makes her quite capable of getting in a base and destroying it

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