Snag ‘Em All

Is it a 3D battle game featuring ridiculously cute characters repeatedly beating seven bells out of one another, or is it, in fact, a full roaming 3D role-playing game featuring ridiculously cute characters travelling great distances to repeatedly beat seven bells out of one another?
It’s a whole bucket load of both and, as its March 22nd release date approaches; the Pokemon faithful must be, quite literally, wetting their collective britches!

Following on the successful heels of Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64), Pokemon Colosseum promises to deliver all the same familiar Pokemon fighting atmosphere but in a new, full 3D, environment. The tried and tested battle frenzy excitement and borderline irrational character expansion are still in attendance, but are now complemented by a healthy dose of role-playing thrown in for good measure.

The game’s 3D story mode offers a vast adventure as you rescue, or rather snag, other Pokemon who’ve been captured by the evil Team Snag

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