Shrek 2

Join Shrek and his friends on a twisted fairy-tale action-adventure. An automated buddy system selects the right character for the challenge at hand as you progress through Shrek’s world. Unlock PC-exclusive levels not seen in any of the other Shrek 2 games.

* Play as Shrek or as one of his nine friends-Players can choose from ten characters in total, including new personalities not seen in the Shrek 2 movie.

* Visit locations from the movie and beyond-The game’s action is set in locations from the film as well as new, original levels including the Billy Goats’ Gruff Bridge and the Dwarven Mines.

* Switch between four characters-Players can control a team of four, using each character’s unique skills to help accomplish exciting missions.

* Embark on a multiplayer adventure-Four-player mode allows up to three people to join in without stopping gameplay.

* Experience “Hero Time” – Special mini quests highlight certain characters alone, giving them their own time to shine.

* The Humor of Shrek – 12 hours of adventurous gameplay includes volumes of humorous dialog and visual gags.

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