Planet Cube: Edge (XSX) Review with stream

Outfitted with a pea green original Gameboy color palette, Planet Cube: Edge is a tough action platformer. Playing as a cube with goggles, the goal is to make it to the end of each stage to ward an incoming invasion.

Although the first stage starts with a simple challenge, the difficulty starts to demand perfection with the twitch platforming by the second level. These wildly intrusive difficulty spikes are coupled with repetition as the player is faced with similar shoot-jump-dodge challenges throughout.  Each stage also goes on for way too long; patience gets tested when these stages last 40+ minutes. The only saving grace in the lenient checkpoint system. As if the game knows you are going to die a lot, each checkpoint always places the player back at the beginning of that specific obstacle.

The cube also moves with subtle amount of weightiness that takes time to understand. If you watch my stream embedded in this article, you’ll see I struggle a bit with the responsive but exaggerated movement system. It isn’t bad, just a little different and not exactly what is expected for a precision platformer like this.

If the game wasn’t challenging enough, each stage also has optional collectables to snag which provides a bit of replay value. However, the game doesn’t simply let you grab the collectable and move on.  Instead, you need to grab it, then make it to the next safe zone to actually obtain it. This furthers the point that the difficult never releases its grip. This is also another platformer that kills the player if they touch any part of the spikes. The side of the spike isn’t pointed! And I just slightly grazed it! Why do I get punished for that?!

Planet Edge: Cube has its heart in the right spot but easily overstays it welcome. There is a solid gameplay foundation here, one built on some fun and responsive platforming mechanics, but grinding through the same types of high challenge repetition will easily test the tenacity of players. If you enjoy tough platformers like Meatboy or Celeste, this Gameboy-looking action game should be placed on your wishlist.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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Our Rating - 6


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A tough 2D precision platformer that overstays its welcome but has an adorable green Gameboy visual style.

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