Now you have something new to be afraid of.

Let's be honest here, folks..throughout our careers as gamers strange and terrifying sights have often come our way, usually in groups of five to ten. From the listless shuffling zombies of Capcom's Resident Evil series, to the inexplicable and ghastly creatures that stemmed from the ground of the town of Silent Hill, the spine chilling specters of Fatal Frame and other various computer generated monstrosities. Now, though, something new will be coming to you this holiday season. What could be do fearful, so demonic, that it would top everything that we've seen before?


Two words.


Raving Rabbids. Now say it five times fast.

Ubisoft, creator of such games as Heroes of Might and Magic, Splinter Cell, and Brothers In Armshave decided to take a new tack with their upcoming release of Rayman: Raving Rabbids. In case you don't remember or have just never heard of it before, Rayman is a curious creature who has no arms, legs, and also lacks a neck but can still wear shoes, gloves, and has a head with hair that can be used as helicopter blades to lift him clear off the ground. And you thought that duck billed platypus was odd.

This time around his opponents are not Mister Dark, Admiral Razorbeard, or the Hoodlums. It's much much worse. They are the Rabbids, a pack of out of control bunny like creatures who make Max look sane and well adjusted. Apparently they have been hiding under the ground for centuries, watching our civilization grown, and they and their Hutt-esque Rabbid Emperor are going to try and take it all away. It's your job to stop them. Ubisoft has told Mygamer that, in order to do this, you will compete in such activities as a foot race on the beach, spraying the rabbids in the face with carrot juice or a plunger gun, and cow tossing. Yes, you read that correctly..cow tossing.

For more information on the fourth installment of the Rayman series you can visit the official website here at and, naturally, right here at

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