Nerdblock April 2015 Review

With so many Mystery Box companies popping up we decided to sign up to a few of them and let you see what exactly what each one is all about. Hopefully you can decide on which one is right for you, or not.

This is our first box and it comes from Nerd Block. They have 5 different packages you can subscribe to for $20 each. Nerd Block Classic, Nerd Bock JR. Girls, Nerd Block JR. Boys, Horror Block and Arcade Block. This one is the Nerd Block Classic with this month’s theme being Growing Up 80’s. So lets begin with what we got.


Nerd Block

A pack of friggin Nerd Play Trading Cards.

Nerd Block


A Kevin Smith book titled, Tough Sh*t

Nerd Block

A bad ass Back to the Future t-shirt


Nerd Block

Heat Activated Pac-Man Mug.. This is classic


Nerd Block

An Exclusive Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vinyl

All in all I have to admit I was quite impressed with the items I received for $20. The mug is $12 at Amazon, $13 for the Book and even if the t-shirt was $10 thats still more than $20 and I got the cool ass Ecto-1.

After the first box, I have to say this one was well worth the $20!

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