More Xbox Live Phishing?

Phishing scams are usually easy to spot. They’re often rife with grammatical errors, ask you for way too much money, and most people nowadays know when and where to give their login and password info. However, when you get a message, seemingly from a friend, on XBL that offers free MS points, it might be a little too tempting.


A recent XBL phishing scam reads:

“M2AF everybody go to I just got 1600 MS points Hurry though!! I think it is a limited time offer.”


If you do enter your login information on this shady .tk domain, the site simply logs your info and sends the same message out to everyone on your friends list. So if you or an XBL player you know has received this message, tell to change their password ASAP. No telling what those crazy, black-hat hackers might be up to.

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