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No Man’s Sky Preview View Comment
  • @Squigly
  • March 21, 2015

The prospect of exploring totally unique, new and unchartered planets every time sounds really tempting, and is one of the biggest selling point of the game to me. Until actual space exploration ever becomes a reality this game would be the next best thing!

I'm a fan of anime, Japanese games and all, but the proportions on those girls are just too weird. The one in black literally has twigs for arms. The graphics also leave quite a bit to be desired. At least it's priced really affordable, I'll still consider picking it up...

Child of Light was released to almost universal acclaim on Steam. The gameplay and atmosphere of the game are really unique. Hopefully we will see some additional content or DLC coming soon, especially with the physical format.

Given the many platformers available on the market, aspects such as level design, difficulty, gameplay and storyline are really important. So far the graphics definitely look really good, but I'd wait a little longer for actual gameplay footage before deciding whether to buy this game.

Really love what I'm seeing so far. The trailer and graphics are really high quality and seem on par with an actual anime!

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