MechAssault 2 (Preview)

The original MechAssault is often credited with “making” Xbox Live: upon the debut of Xbox Live, it didn’t really have any strong titles out of the gate, but MechAssault proved enough to garner thousands of subscriptions to the online gaming service. Now with MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, the mech carnage can begin anew, nearly two years since the release of the original game. Let’s take a like at how Day 1 is coming along with the development of the game.

The title may raise some eyebrows for veterans and newbies alike. What exactly does “Lone Wolf” mean? Does it mean that you’ll be on your own for most of the single-player experience? After all, a game that focuses on multiplayer may not want to drift too far from the overall premise of team combat. The title “Lone Wolf” actually comes from the fact that you are the lone surviving MechWarrior of the Wolf’s Dragoons Mercenary Unit. Thankfully, you definitely will not be alone. Natalia (your Dropship Commander) and Foster (your BattleMech technician) will be there to aid and accompany you on your long and grueling quest. You will also meet several new allies on the battlefield.

Now while the single player experience of the original game was certainly awesome, it was the multiplayer mode that received much of the praise from fans and critics alike. Given the positive responses that both game modes received, each will be even bigger this time around. The single player campaigns will just be better overall: better campaign, better modes of destruction, and a better story.

Lone Wolf is set to take place just a scant few years after the original game. You and your team have been lying low on a peaceful trade planet since your victory of the Word of Blake. Foster has been playing around with the Data Core you received from the Ragnorok Mech and, as will all great technicians, is working on quite a surprise for you. Natalia has been in constant contact with her information network, making sure to keep an eye on anyone that may be searching for you. Sure enough, an invading force “invades” the planet, forcing you and your crew to quickly evacuate

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