Madden Fans Rejoice!! Madden 07 Madness About to Ensue!

As the start of another exciting season of the NFL nears, so does another installment of the Madden series. This year marks number 17 of the Madden franchise. There are more new features this year, as there is every year, which has made the Madden series the number one football franchise in history.

With Shaun Alexander on the cover this year, he makes a perfect fit for this year's theme. The running game. This year's running features will include lead blocker control. With this new feature you will be able to control your lead blocker and open up big holes for your running back. Another addition to the running game is the highlight stick. The highlight stick will allow you to run like the actual NFL players do with new jukes and power moves.

Get out the way!!  The Train is coming through!

While the running game is the main theme there are many new features that go along with this upcoming Madden. An addition to Superstar Mode is the Hall of Fame Mode where you will pick a position and play that position all throughout your career. Playing as a Wide Receiver will allow you to run your routes and make touchdowns on offense. You'll even be able to sit on the sidelines on defense. All of this can be done while you hopefully make your way to the Hall of Fame. The Franchise mode also has a new addition. Scout college players with the new Draft Scouting System and the College All-Star game. Use defensive plays from your favorite team's defense to shut down the offense. Online play will getting beefed up as well with Play Now and Session Play.

NFL 02

The soundtrack is turning out to be one to remember, featuring artists like Audioslave, AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, Matchbook Romance, Underoath, and many more artists. In addition, exclusive to the PS2 and the Xbox 360, Madden NFL 07 will be putting out a Hall of Fame edition. The Hall of Fame edition will include over two hours of DVD content including an insight into the game production, and will include music interviews and highlights of John Madden's career as the Oakland Raiders head coach.

Madden NFL 07 has many features that will prove to all football gamers that this franchise is number one for a reason. We will have to see how much of an impact this Madden title does come August 22. 2007. Stick with MyGamer when we review Madden NFL 07 later this month!

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