Kameo: Elements of Power

Rare, like the name implies, is not an everyday company. Having enjoyed huge success ever since the 8bit NES, the company has made its name by creating innovative and lavish looking games. It has even revitalized the careers of certain characters – Donkey Kong for example – and given them a new lease of life.

One Man’s Failure Is Another Man’s Acquisition Bid

Despite the enviable position of being one of Nintendo’s biggest and, indeed, best development studios, 2002 saw the relationship fall apart. In September of that year Nintendo announced that not only would Rare no longer be producing titles for the Gamecube but the console giant was also selling its forty-nine percent stake in the company. Shortly after that announcement, news leaked that Microsoft were in negotiations with Rare to acquire their considerable talents. The rest, as they say, is history.

Rising Rare Redemption

While Rare’s first title for the Xbox, 2003’s Grabbed by the Ghoulies, showcased the developer’s traditionally quirky yet beautiful graphics, the actual game was widely regarded as missing that

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