Insider Info – GC Adapters Resupply In Production, Amiibo Rarity Predictions, and Some New Rumors

While exact sources cannot be revealed, myGamer received confirmation from a Nintendo representative, speaking in person, that more Gamecube Adapters are “being manufactured as we speak and will probably be hitting store shelves sometime in February 2015.” This source explained that Nintendo’s initial six month initial supply sold out in 48 hours and grossly underestimated demand. Nintendo understands that fans want this adapter and are working on this issue now. It will be best to check with local retailers in the coming weeks. In the meantime, 3rd parties have stepped in to fill this gap by creating their own version of the Gamecube Adapater as Nintendo leaves money on the table by not rushing production fast enough.

While this is great news about this hard-to-find and eBay gouging accessory, more details about the amiibo craze and rarity also popped up after asking some questions to this same Nintendo representative.

As everyone already knows, there are some rare amiibos and finding them in the wild with plans on Nintendo making more is slim to nil. Marth sold out basically via pre-order only, Wii Fit Trainer sold fast as Nintendo didn’t think it would be a hot seller so quantities were smaller, Villager was hard to find but there have been reports that they were available on store shelves for several days after launch, and Captain Falcons, Pits, and Little Macs are currently also sold out everywhere.

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This Nintendo representative then gave his predictions about future amiibos. First, it was mentioned that Nintendo will announce amiibo functionality, probably, in the next Nintendo Direct in regards to Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Yoshi Wooly World, and the next Wii U Kirby title. Then, which is pretty obvious, it was said that the exclusive amiibos (Shulk, Meta Knight, Lucario, and Rosalina) will be rare so it is best to pre-order those for your best chance of owning one. Finally, Ike and Dedede will probably be the rare figures when the next wave of amiibos launch in early February. Sonic and Megaman will also be a little harder to find but Toon Link will seem to be in larger supply, similar to how Link and Mario are pretty much available everywhere.


Although this rep could not 100% confirm, Nintendo is planning on making amiibo figures for every Smash character “including a couple major surprises.” While there were no hints at what these “surprises” could be, perhaps a Master Hand and Crazy Hand amiibo will be making an appearance (playable character DLC?). But if every Smash character will be made into an amiibo Ganon, Lucina, and Mr. Game & Watch would be pretty sweet. Mewtwo, the upcoming DLC playable character, could not be commented on regarding an amiibo version but perhaps this is one of the surprises that is forthcoming.


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    Good information! Those GC adapters went quick before. Glad to see that they’re coming out with more.

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