Ink with Kirby

Much like the forthcoming Yoshi’s Touch and Go, Quick-Draw Kirby (the game’s title has yet to be finalized) will have DS owners drawing their way through levels. On the bottom touch screen, the player can use the stylus to draw simple lines in which Kirby will ride, run, or slide on. Plus, these drawable lines can even be used to attack enemies. However, drawing these ramps and bridges is not without a cost. An inkbottle at the bottom of the screen displays how much ink, or drawing power, the player has left. This means that movement and attack paths must be balanced out and conserved for emergency use.

The upper screen will display a basic 2D map of the immediate surroundings while all the action will take place on the bottom screen. Other information, such as time, lives remaining, and stars will also be placed on the upper screen.

Kirby will also most likely use his trademark move: the swallow and copy ability. Once swallowed, Kirby can gain that enemy’s power and use it for his own. These enemy techniques can also be used in combination with the stylus drawing technique. For example, in order to gain a decent amount of air, the wheel bike ability allows Kirby to travel far very fast. Throw a ramp into the ordeal and you got yourself a sweet jump pad.

Unfortunately, not many details have been released for this new Kirby DS game. It is still unclear whether or not this game will make use of the other DS features like wireless multiplayer or microphone support and the release date has yet to be set. Be sure to stay with in the future for more details on this upcoming game.

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