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Microsoft has announced it will be releasing new maps for [i]Halo 2[/i] on June 28th 2005.

The expansion pack is said to contain 9 new maps “to push gamers’ skills to their limits.” It is also said to contain “an animated side-story from the single-player story in New Mombasa and a mini-documentary that includes interviews with the map designers, combat strategies and fly-throughs of the new maps.” The pack is set for a suggested retail price of $19.99USD.

If you an Xbox Live subscriber you can also get some bonus content for [i]Halo 2’s[/i] online experience. In late April, two maps–Containment and Warlock–will be available for download at no extra cost to those with existing Xbox Live subscriptions. Two additional maps will be open for purchase on Xbox Live. They are titled Sanctuary and Turf and will cost a mere $5.99USD when they become available. You can complete the pack on June 28th for $11.99USD.

For further information on [i]Halo 2’s[/i] upcoming maps visit: [a]http://www.bungie.net[aa]www.bungie.net[/a]

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