Gates of Troy

In Gates of Troy you will lead your nation to victory in the ancient world?s greatest battles. Capture romance and adventure as you work your way to the far off shores of Troy. Control a vast empire and fight epic battles in full 3D. With 6 new campaigns and 19 new heroes to come to your aid it will take all the planning in the world to build your cities and burn the enemy?s. Ancient Greece is in your hands in Gates of Troy!

Six Campaigns
The Trojan Wars
The pass of Thermopylae
Greek Colonization
Pre-Historic Greece
The Ionian Revolt
Grand Campaign with Rome & Persia

Full 3D battles with battle setup, formations and free zoom and rotation during battle execution (Optional 2D for slower machines)
Land and Naval warfare, including Naval Invasions, Sieges and Assaults
City and Empire management
Vassalization of foreign nations through diplomacy
Diplomacy and Trade (Improved)
Research and Construction
Auto Resolution of Battles (Improved)
Mission objectives, Historic Events and Capital Cities
Extra mod features

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