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Originally released over a decade ago in the Indies section of the Xbox 360 dashboard, Game Type was a title made in protest over Microsoft’s updated dashboard interface. Indie games were tucked away in a corner and the title “Game Type” wouldn’t exactly display the most desirable results when performing a search.  Needless to say, this game flew under the radar.

Re-released as Game Type DX and made available on Xbox One, PS4/5, and Switch, this forgotten side-scrolling shooter is finally given the respect that it deserves. This is a Mommy’s Best Game through and through. If you are unfamiliar with their work of creating absurd games, Game Type DX firmly fits under this umbrella. Everything is over-the-top, nonsensical, and just a tad gross. Make no mistake, this shouldn’t be confused with poor quality. 

When initially starting the game, it is easy to get confused especially if you never used the Xbox 360 dashboard. Letting humor take the wheel, the dashboard is filled with mock ads and random Xbox-like propaganda. It isn’t until you scroll to the right a few screens will you actually be able to launch the game – a horizontal shooter.

Playing as Hoodie Girl, it is your job to shoot ads and collect money to earn a higher score on the leaderboard. Besides the totally ridiculous premise of shooting ads composed of cats, football players, and donuts that break apart into smaller donuts, there are two attacks: a rapid fire shot that is more power but smaller, or a bigger attack that can be drained over time. Enemies drop cash in which you can grab by flying over it or it can be pulled toward you like a magnet if you stop shooting. On paper, this might sound confusing or like a terrible idea, but it is actually way more fun than you might think.

Once you play a couple rounds and understand the shooting gimmick, Game Type DX is a surprisingly good shooter. It is fast, bullets can fill the screen, and skill is rewarded. Online leaderboards that quickly and instantly upload your highest score is the cherry on top as that next closest player is usually one or two enemy kills away. With stiff competition on the leaderboard and the fast, fluid action of the gameplay, this is a sleeper hit shooter you never knew existed.

Honestly, I don’t want to describe any more details because I think it will ruin the experience. Just expect the unexpected, enjoy the ridiculous sense of visual humor, and appreciate the well-designed shooter mechanics.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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Our Rating - 8


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Quality, balanced shooter mechanics paired with a satirical interface is one of Mommy’s Best Games’ best releases and glad it now received a second life.

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