Intense 3D Action Comic Book style. Drake is a 3rd person, adrenaline-pumping game of brutal revenge and supernatural Hong Kong action. Players are thrown head first into a story-driven action shooter visualized in a vibrant `neon-gothic` comic book style. Drake promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with double fisted pistol action, supernatural enemies and an unexpected twist to the storyline.

* 3D action-shooter visualized in a vibrant “neon gothic” comic book style.

* Five seamless game stages with 25 intense missions.

* Intense story driven plotline of furious and brutal revenge with an unexpected twist to the end.

* Over 30 deep and compelling characters including awesome supernatural villains, sexy female assassins and of course Drake.

* Discover the secrets of the “Undying Dragon” and the 3000 year old conflict of rival supernatural forces

* Choose from an array of firearms, short and long blade close combat weapons and thrown melee weapons.

* Utilize Drake’s supernatural powers by going into slow motion or Freeze Motion mode.

* Advanced multi targeting system allows you to fire your guns in any directions as you run up walls and back flip off them.

* Features “rimlight” texturing (a cross between cel-shading and environmental mapping) creates a unique visual look to the game.

* Feed on the souls of the dead to replenish your health.

* Digital Dolby 5.1 Surround support.



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