Chain of Command : Eastern Front

Chain of Command : Eastern Front

The Story

'Chain of Command : Eastern Front' is a 3D real time strategy game that takes place in Europe during World War II. As a player you take control of Soviet forces during a campaign that stretches from USSR to Berlin in the bloodiest battle every recorded. The game has an intuitive learning curve which starts the player in control of only a small squad of soldiers, and progressively introduces more troops until the player is in command of a full attack force in the last concluding mission. 

'Chain of Command' features realistic 3D environments delivering a true-to-life World War II experience. Trees, bushes, houses, rocks and rubble are all modeled to provide a detailed playing environment. The graphics are not just eye candy, they play an important role in your tactics, as everything can be used strategically, or destroyed at your command. It's all about using the environment to your own benefit. You can change the course of history!

Key Features

  • Historical WWII combat game
  • Soviet Campaign missions against German forces
  • 3D real time strategy game play
  • Mouse + Keyboard controls
  • 20 controllable US units such as tanks, soldiers, etc
  • 20 AI controlled enemy units
  • 16 missions story based campaign
  • 3 environment types: Desert, Forested hills and Snow
  • 3D effects include smoke, fire, explosions and more
  • Atmospheric background music – Realistic sound effects



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