Buy Axe, Get MS Pts

At Target stores, consumers who purchase certain Axe products can receive 300 MS Points for use in the Xbox and Zune Marketplaces. The promotion applies to specially marked Axe products and began early in July.

Once the product is purchased, a promotional code must be text messaged to Axe's parent company, upon which the text messenger will be brought one step closer towards owning more video games. 

As far as advertisements for Axe products go, this tactic is much less obtrusive than the Dish Network channel that was paid to run one of their ads on a 24 hour loop, and the many uses of MS Points should attract many a gamer on the market for the purchase of a hygiene product. The promotion ends on September 30th, 2009, so the rewards are a limited time offer.

Double Pits To Chesty!

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