As the half-vampire BloodRayne, you have sworn your life to protect humanity from the supernatural. Your latest assignment: Seek and destroy the nefarious Nazi Jurgen Wulf before he can use powerful occult relics to unleash untold horror upon the world. Slaughter, dismember, and behead devious enemies that seek reinforcements and plan ambushes. Acquire supernatural skills and master brutal weaponry as you progress. BloodRayne is a pulse-pounding thrillride that gets you by the jugular and won’t let go until it’s over.

* Sex Appeal – Agent BloodRayne exudes sex appeal, ruthless charm and lethal style. She?s got looks and moves that will have gamers lusting for her.

* Bloodlust – Drink enough living blood and you put Agent BloodRayne into an intensely violent state called Bloodlust where she does much more damage. Drink even more blood and she goes into Bloodrage!

* Supernatural Abilities – Agent BloodRayne?s supernatural abilities increase throughout the game and include incredible speed, inhuman agility, enhanced vision senses, the ability to ?slow time? (a la the Matrix) and more.

* Weapons – Agent BloodRayne has silver blades attached to her wrists for which she can gain enhancements throughout the game. She?s also expert with submachine guns, pistols, harpoon knives, grenades and rifles.

* Horror-filled cinematic action immerses you in a story that you play instead of watch.

* Frighteningly intelligent enemies seek reinforcements, plan ambushes and use your own weapons against you.

* Intuitive, responsive and smooth controls make it easy for you to make Agent BloodRayne do what you want, when you want her to do it.

* Camera FX feature allows for automatic slow motion camera panning when spectacular events like dismemberment or explosions occur. Camera can be triggered to follow any projectile to its target.

* All-new graphics engine named Infernal Engine from the team that created Nocturne, 4×4 EVO and Fly!

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