Baten Kaitos (Preview)

Heralded as a Card RPG by fans and preview writers alike, Baten Kaitos definitely looks interesting. Being made by the same people best known for the Xenosaga series, Baten Kaitos gives off a very distinct look in terms of art and gameplay. Although not labeled as a Card RPG by its creators, it makes use of cards known as Magnus to execute commands. Sounds like they’re calling them Magnus to avoid using the word CARDS!

Graphics-wise, Baten Kaitos is beautiful. The game features pre-rendered backgrounds (yes, pre-rendered), but it can easily fool you into thinking that they’re not. There’s lots of movement in the backgrounds, and lots of flavor – the game’s colors are definitely a potpourri of mystifying spices that are magically soothing to the eyes. The game seems to run at a steady 60fps. As well it should

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