Awesomenauts Assemble! gets updated for PS4

Today the PlayStation 4 version of Awesomenauts, called Awesomenauts Assemble!, received its first update! This update brings the first parts of the successfully kickstarted Starstorm expansion over to the PS4 platform as well as a host of fixes and updates.

Highlights for Awesomenauts Assemble! Patch 1.01:

 – NEW Starstorm character: Ted McPain
    Yes, the world-famous alien-scum blasting marine Ted McPain made it to PlayStation 4! Ted is all about powerful guns, carrying both a quick-firing machine gun as well as an area-blasting shotgun. He can enhance his blasting power at any time by means of seriously potent but unhealthy stimpacks that cause Ted to go berserk. And whenever Ted is caught with his pants down, he can always call in an Ion Cannon strike that blasts through the level.

 – NEW Starstorm character: Penny Fox
    The daring danger-dodging collector Penny Fox leaps into action on PlayStation 4! During one of her more crazy adventures, she stumbled upon a powerful Claw that was mysteriously connected to the ominous Starstorm station. Harnessing its power to in her quest to fight evil, the claw allows Penny to knock enemies around and hit them with a strong enemy-weakening pulse.

 – NEW feature: Custom Games
    Custom games allows players to set up and customize their own private matches. Customization examples include playing different game modes (Randomnauts and Team Deathmatch), allowing the same class multiple times within a team, let the game automatically buy random upgrades and adjusting the starting resources.

 – Various fixes
    The game has received a ton of visual, balancing and networking updates. Some of the biggest changes include: an overhaul to all damage numbers, basic health regeneration for all characters from the start and automatic character and upgrade selection when players rejoin a match they had previously left.
Of course, this is just the beginning of the updates coming to consoles’ way. On that front our friends at Abstraction Games are already working on the next PlayStation 4 patch as well as getting the Xbox One version out of the door. Meanwhile us at Ronimo Games will keep on expanding upon the Steam version. Look forward to updates on all these developments soon!

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