Skylanders: Swap Force Review

The third sequel to the Skylanders series has arrived!  Skylanders : Swap Force comes with 16 new characters that now have new features.  These new characters now have bottom and top halves that can be separated from each other and then recombined with the halves of different characters. This is what a true Skylanders fan has probably been dying for and the best part is that from these 16 characters, a combination of 256 different kinds of Skylanders  can be formed. Watching these new “combined” characters hop through the physical world and through the portal into the digital world is very exciting.  However, the downfall to these new characters is that they are expensive ($15 per character pack).


These new character types also lead to new play styles as you unlock new abilities. Unlike the previous Skylanders games where you can be a single character with a single ability and trait, now you can mix it up by swapping characters , for examples you can have  the teleporting legs of Hoot Loop and the Magna Charge’s helmet to lift enemies up. This new feature also leaves each creation unique, visually and game play wise.


Kaos is back! Kaos to me is one of the most comedic villains in any game I have played against.   Without giving much away to the view on the story sequel. Skylanders: Giants gave a cliff hangar on a new villain arriving; Playing the Swap Force story is well worth your time. Within the game, the combat is similar to games like Diablo  and the enemies levels are inclusive to any kind of skill set of the players.  The game adds the ordinary elemental gates from its predecessor games, although it also includes new milti-element gates that need either a swapped Skylander of both elements, or two players whom each represent one of the elements. This encourages cooperative play and swapping at the same time.

Although its price tag maybe a little sluggish on the game. Skylanders: Swap Force gives the franchises fans a more hilarious story and a fantastic new character system.  Swap Force adds a lot more than it did onto its predecessor games and the challenges and story are clever and never get old.


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