Shadow Of Aten Announced for PC/Xbox 360

Licensing Consultants, Schanz International Conusltants (SIC) and Spanish developers,
Silicon Garage Arts today announced their partnership of the 3D/Action Adventure, [i]The Shadow of Aten[/i]

According to today’s adjective-packed press release:

[i]In [/i]The Shadow of Aten[i] players assume the role of a new hero, Allan Scott, an attractive, enigmatic and compelling adventurer who will go deep into the fascinating and mysterious world of Ancient Egypt. The game is set in the attractive and ambiguous environment of Egypt in the 30s decade – full of mysteries, dazzling treasures, shadowed lights half-lights and hidden dangers lurking at every corner. The plot is elaborate and based on real facts about the worship of the God Aten, the first monotheism of mankind. The environment, music and gameplay will dazzle and inspire.
[/i]The Shadow of Aten[i] is designed to satisfy the current players who are demanding more from a videogame -it adds a separate multimedia library, about the culture and way of life in ancient Egypt and an additional documental DVD with information related to the videogame?s story.

Gerhard Schanz, MD at Schanz International Consultants says: “We are very excited about adding this innovative 3D action adventure to our portfolio and to work with the highly dedicated and professional team at Silicon Garage Arts. [/i]Shadow of Aten[i] will help fill up a yawning lacuna in games and show that games can serve as cultural artefacts while being great fun and state of art “. [/i]

More information regarding [i]The Shadow of Aten[/i] can be found at:

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