Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Tides of War

Arriving May 6, Return to Castle Wolfenstein Tides of War comes to the Xbox. In this first-person shooter, players take the role of army ranger B.J. Blazkowicz, and must go up against the nazis.
In addition to the full PC game, Wolfenstein for the Xbox will have an additional 3-5 hours of gameplay.

The single player missions in Wolfentsein look, sound, and play beautifully. As the game progresses, it is easy to become wrapped up in its occult based storyline. The game includes more then 14 different weapons, each with it own strong and weak points. The varied missions require you to use them all, from the knife to the venom chain gun. Hopefully, this will make Wolfenstein a non-repetitive game .The background music is good, and adds rather then detracts to the overall gameplay. The graphics in Wolfenstein have been improved from the PC version and immerse you in the game. My only gripe at this point is that most of the game takes place in dark and dreary areas. Besides the standard single player mode, Wolfenstein has a co-op mode as well. In this mode, player 2 takes the role of agent 1 (sort of ironic) and together, both of you go through the single player campaign. This mode fits perfectly with the game, and adds strategy to some of the areas that were void of it.

The controls are excellent, and make up for the PC’s keyboard and mouse. Just like Halo, the left thumb stick moves and the right one looks. The left trigger jumps, and the right one fires. Reloading is made easy, since you just have to press the right thumb stick. If the controls were your only doubt, be assured that they work fine.

What really separates the Xbox version from the others, is its multiplayer modes. Wolfenstein has 4-player split screen, and up to 16 players over Xbox Live. There are 4 online scenarios, Objective, Stopwatch, Checkpoint, and Elimination. Each one of these will hopefully be extremely fun and full of strategy due to the communicator ( or just full of a lot of cursing). After joining a game, players will have the choice of being a medic, engineer, lieutenant, or soldier. Of course all 4 classes are different, and a successful team will need all of them.

When Wolfenstein comes out this May, it should be a fun and exciting game. Even owners of the PC version will enjoy the Xbox exclusive missions, and the Xbox Live play. So don’t just sit around, get up and reserve this game now.

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