Nyko Charge Station EX Review

I wait quietly, ever so still in tall grass.  My aim pointed at the small crevice between the mountain pass – the only way in or out.  He is coming.  I can taste it.  The wind shifts.  I shift my scope as a foul stench fills my nostrils…fear.  The sight begins to shake. Need to control my breathing.  Finally.  Movement.  He is here.  Drenched in shadow, nose to the air…he knows.  He knows exactly where I am.  His sprint… so fast.  Fingers begin to twitch as my clip reveals but a single bullet.  One chance.   One chance to take him down.  Either me, or him.  From prone, I lift my rifle.  It is heavy with the weight of battle.  I focus.  One shot…One shot.  The thought keeps ringing in my head.  I see it.  A weakness in his armor.  Nothing but a finger’s thickness between his goggles and helmet.  One shot.  Zoomed in, the scope pointed directly between his eyes.  I fire… I hear the scariest sound of battle.  The sound of nothing.  My gun doesn’t fire.  He is now hovering over me.  I can’t move.  I use all my strength.  Nothing.  I can’t move. I CAN’T MOVE!  


“Please reconnect controller” 

My ***king batteries just died!  I realize this as my lifeless body lays face up, getting teabagged by my opponent.  Humiliating.

Everyone’s worst nightmare:  having their batteries die at the most important part of an online battle.  The best way to combat this scenario is with reliable batteries.  

Nyko has released their Charge Station EX, a follow up from their previous version.  Now sporting black casing, this is a must buy for any 360 Elite owner.

The package comes with a charger and two battery packs.  Simply plug the charge station into the wall and your batteries begin to charge.  The unit can charge both battery packs at the same time.  The charge of each battery is displayed through two LED lights.  Green means good to go, Red means charging.  Easy enough. 

Each battery pack fits very snuggly into the back of the controller, with very little chance of it popping loose.  The packaging claims to power a controller for up to 25 hours.  This amount of time does seem rather accurate, even with the rumble feature turned on. Charge time is rapid too.  In about 2-4 hours, each battery will be fully charged. 

These battery packs are a solid investment for any 360 owner and will probably provide longer gameplay sessions than any other NiMH rechargeable battery.  The $29.99 price tag is a little steep, but that does include 2 batteries and they should last for the entire lifetime of your 360.  Plus, this price point is cheaper than Microsoft’s first party rechargeable unit that only contains one battery.  

If you own a 360 Elite, you probably want the best 360 experience possible, and these battery packs are the icing on the cake.   


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