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A single-screened precision platformer, Hatup remains casual and never overly difficulty throughout the brief 30 levels. Even though the main nameless blob character uses a fez as a main gameplay element, it shouldn’t be confused with the indie hit Fez.

Outfitted with only a double jump and dash move, Hatup has pick-up-and-play gameplay that anyone can enjoy. Each level is a single screen and the goal is to reach the exit door while wearing the stylish hat. However, the hat can be removed if the playable character walks under a low platform, pushing it off his head; there is no manual way to remove the hat. At times, this hat removal action is necessary to complete stages, giving the game a puzzle aspect, as it can activate or deactivate certain platforms. There are no enemies to defeat but there are plenty of spikes to avoid, the platforming staple obstacle.  Not that it needs it, but there is also no story to speak of. You just play as this colored blob who jumps and collects an occasional key. 

The control is very responsive and feels dead on. Meaning, if you die on spikes, it is your own fault. Unless playing on the optional hard difficulty, there player has access to a few lives per stage. This keeps the game play casual and easy going since respawns are forgiving, respecting the players time. Speaking of time, there is no timer so the only thing to worry about is reaching that exit.

Achievement hunters will also want to take note because all are unlocked through natural play, each one popping every few levels. Unfortunately, you need to complete each stage in sequential order, but the platforming challenge stays at a lower difficulty. The presentation is generic and basic at best, but it also serves its purpose, outfitted with one long looping musical track and bright primary colors. By no means is a great game or anything you have not played before, but it is a friendly platformer that is a simple way to spend an hour and earn an easy 1,000 Gamerscore.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief myGamer.com

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Our Rating - 7


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A casual single-screened precision platformer that is never overly difficulty, easy-going, and has easy big Gamerscore achievements.

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