GoFishing 3D (Switch) Review

New retro games have become a fad over the last few years as indie devs are big into creating pixel-style titles that share a similar look from games of their past. While pixel art has continued to shine, low poly 3D games thankfully are the exception to this trend as many games from the PS1 and N64 era do not hold up well.  GoFishing 3D is so jokingly low poly it makes early PSOne games look like a high def PS4 Pro title.

Even if the visuals could be ignored, the gameplay is just as bad. Catching fish is random at best although the game incorporates a fish finder that is so poorly visualized it might as not be there at all. The act of reeling in fish, if you are lucky enough to find one, always feels like work and is a major let down when it is a struggle to catch something the size of a minnow. When starting, the player has access to a very limited fishing loadout but can grow with some grinding: rods, lines, baits, floats, hooks and even clothes for the poorly designed fishermen. However, with gameplay that isn’t fun and the pukingly bad visuals, there is no need to subject yourself to this torture. 

Saying that GoFishing 3D was created on a strict budget would be a lie as everything is so low quality it would be amazing if a budget was involved at all.  There are better free mobile fishing games if you need your fishing fix or just go play the fishing mini game in Ocarina of Time.

Worse Than: Fishing Sim World (Xbox One)

Much Worse Than: Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

Also Try: fishing in your own Goldfish bowl at home

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief myGamer.com

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The “3D” mention in the title is actually a loose term here

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