Gamer’s Gullet – White Castle Waffle Sandwiches (Breakfast and Chicken)

The Slider Goes Waffle –

A couple months ago I wrote an article about the new Taco Bell breakfast menu. Now, after trying the new White Castle Belgian Waffle sandwiches, which are also competing for the consumer breakfast dollar, I can say how much fast food just sucks all the way around.

Without question, the “imported from Belgian” Belgian Waffle breakfast sandwich and waffle chicken sandwich are some of the worst fast food items I have ever eaten. In fact, these things are barely edible.

Ensured that I sampled the spread of the menu, I ordered both a sausage and egg waffle sandwich and a served-all-day chicken waffle sandwich. Clearly the highlighting feature here are the two waffle patties in replacement of bread or a bun. The aspect to point out about these waffles is the grease factor. Both sandwiches were so greasy the wax paper that it comes wrapped in was completely soaked through and made clear; the little cardboard boxes were even starting to run clear. Simply holding these things proved challenging due to the high grease content. Because of the grease overload, it made the rest of the sandwich soggy with a terrible texture. Instead of being a fluffy but crisp waffle, these bitches were soaked through and disgusting.

Looks like breakfast. Tastes like grease.

Looks like breakfast. Tastes like grease.

The chicken version is shipped with gravy at an attempt to make this meal more palatable whereas the breakfast version comes with optional Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup. Without the syrup, the flavor of hot grease was enough to make me gag; using syrup on the breakfast sandwich is encouraged but it is still not the saving grace. Either way, these soggy pieces of slop require your full concentration and a wealth of napkins. Eating these while driving is undoubtedly a safety hazard.

Yuck. Never again.

Yuck. Never again.

The tater tot discs were also nothing special either. They didn’t even have any salt on them which ultimately made them flavorless. However, I think some of the grease from the waffle sandwiches bled into these tots because they seemed overly greasy as well.

Stick with the sliders... when you are drunk.

Stick with the sliders… when you are drunk.

I also got a small coffee but since I am not a coffee drinker I left this decision up to a third party. Like the strength of the coffee, this decision was strong; White Castle surprisingly has decent coffee, better than the new Taco Bell stuff. Further, WC also sells K-Cups of White Castle coffee. While I did not buy any, I saw the sign while waiting in the drive thru, which took much longer than expected.

All-in-all, White Castle breakfast gets a major thumbs down. The unhealthy amount of grease and sogginess is repulsive and makes Taco Bell and McDonald look like a gourmet meal. Without the saving grace of the quality coffee, White Castle is best left where it belongs – with the blackout, totally smashed-out-of-their-minds, 2am slider-wanting drunks.


Not As Good As: actually caring about your body

Better Than: umm, going hungry?

Also Try: eating real food
By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
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  1. Avatar of Stan Stan says:

    I was planning on trying these later this week.. Guess I wont be. LOL

  2. Avatar of SquallSnake SquallSnake says:

    Yeah dude. Pretty nasty. Disappointingly so.

  3. Avatar of nate5 nate5 says:

    My goodness, that looks quite gross. Chicken and waffles done right could be quite delicious, but White Castle is not a place where you can expect this kind of stuff. Welp, if I’m going to have unhealthy fast food, I’m probably going to take your advice and head to Mcdonalds.

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