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Fluffy Cubed is a casual block pushing puzzler that is basically a new version of Sokobon. Playing as a cubed bunny, it is your job to push all the crates onto the colored tiles before you can move onto the next puzzle. Like so many other block pushing puzzle games, you cannot pull them so you will need to think ahead a little bit.

The presentation, from the solid pastel colored background and simple blocked tiles to the barely-there ambient soundtrack, is plain and basic through and through. This bland aesthetic works hand-in-hand with the gameplay though and there is nothing stressful about his block pushing experience. Most of the 120 stages can be cleared on the first attempt, only taking seconds to complete. If you get yourself stuck, a single button tap instantly resets the play field.

The game does not keep track of moves or time so the player is free to play at your own pace which creates a relaxing experience.  Perhaps the coolest part is the freedom the player has in completing each stage as there is often more than one way to push all the blocks to their end goal. 

The biggest downfall of Fluffy Cubed is the lack of replay value. Without a level editor, online functionality, or leaderboards, there is no reason to continue playing once you cleared that last stage and earned that easy 30-minute Platinum trophy.  I definitely enjoyed the laid-back, casual puzzle experience but it might be a little too tasteless for its own good.  It only costs a few bucks though so casual puzzle fans, younger players, and Trophy hunters might want to take note.  

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Our Rating - 5.5


Total Score

The simple design is very approachable, contains an easy Platinum, but lacks any type of staying power or depth.

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