Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Burnout having been one of those sleeper hits on the PS2 I was looking foward to the sequel. The game is pretty much the same as the first but with graphic and sound improvements (Dolby Pro Logic II) as well as new vehicles and modes of play. Starting off the game your given lessons on how turbo system works. Drifting on turns, near misses and driving on the wrong side of the road are a must in this game to be able to keep up with others as it builds up your burnout meter. Having learned and gotten that out the way your on to the real game.

Your start off with only a handful of vehicles and the main modes of play, championship, single race, multiplay and a few others. The first few sets of races are pretty easy to race through (crash a half a dozen times and be able to catch 1st place with a few boost’s)and unlocking other tracks that await, but as you progress to harder levels and getting those extra cars you will have your moments of frustration. The AI gets harder and harder as you play. Unlocking different Vehicles, Tracks, and even Modes can be hella tough in this game. Also placing gold is not a must, you can unlock the next series of races but you wont have the option to be able to race against cars that you can obtain once you have beaten them. Having lost a first place medal in a race will have you restarting the whole series of races just for that extra car. All in all this game will have you playing for hours and its well worth it. The crashes never get old seeing that there amazing to watch over and over again.


The graphics are improved in every way from the first. More refined and polished giving you more realism. Having that added blur effect when hitting your turbo makes you feel untouchable. The game is really fast paced and runs at a solid 60 fps, it’s tough to notice the detail put into the game. Buildings, vehicles and surroundings have been done to near perfection. Another bonus is that this game is progressive scan so for though who have progressive scan TV’s, enjoy.


The sound is in Dolby Pro Logic II so for those with a home theater will enjoy this great game the way it should be heard. Having crashed your car you will feel the point of impact and hitting the boost will boost the music tempo as well, a thing I really enjoy in this game. With or without a home theater the sound effects are enjoyable nonetheless.

Replay Value

Running through this won’t be easy. Having to unlock many things will having you coming back for more.


Burnout 2 is one anticipated sequel that has lived up to the hype. New modes of play, thirty plus new stages a buttload of vehicles and even better crashes to make this game a must have on the PS2.

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