BurgerTime World Tour Goes OnLive

MonkeyPaw Games announce the launch of BurgerTime World Tour, now available for download via the OnLive instant-play PlayPack game service. For a value price of $9.99/month, subscribers can now begin the massive burger making and download the retro-evolved puzzle-platformer alongside unlimited play of the 200+ other award-winning games on the service. The release is also the exciting debut of BurgerTime World Tour on numerous platforms including PC, Mac and Tablet.

"We're extremely excited to get BurgerTime World Tour released today on a growing instant-play network such as OnLive," said John Greiner, president of MonkeyPaw Games. "Patient fans of the original BurgerTime will finally get to play our evolved version on PC, Mac and Tablets."

For more details on the PlayPack game service and play BurgerTime World Tour today, head HERE.

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