BloodRayne Meets Her Match

[i]BloodRayne[/i], the little hyped film based on the semi-successful videogame series of the same name, was released this past weekend. According to, box office results for [i]BloodRayne[/i] show the motion picture making an extremely disappointing $1,550,000. Film website [a] [aa][/a], reports that the movie cost around $47,000,000 to produce and market.

IMDB also reported that the film was shown at less than 1,000 theaters across the nation. [i]BloodRayne[/i], which critics and moviegoers alike view as almost a complete disaster, could be a crippling blow towards start up movie distributor Romar Entertainment, and the franchise?s videogame publisher Majesco Games. Majesco is already in a slump from releasing poorly received games such as [i]Advent Rising[/i], [i]Infected[/i], and [i]Raze?s Hell[/i].

[i]Bloodrayne[/i] is directed by Uwe Boll, the German director who also gave us such game-inspired films as 2003?s [i]House of the Dead[/i] and 2005?s [i]Alone In The Dark.[/i] Boll has been tapped to direct [i]In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale[/i] and [i]Far Cry[/i] in 2006, as well as film adaptations of [i]Postal[/i] and [i]Fear Effect[/i] in 2007 and 2008. MyGamer can only pray that game and movie executives will look at [i]Bloodrayne?s[/i] box-office performance before green-lighting any future Boll productions.

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