THUG PSP: More of the same?

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 may be adding Remix to the title for its PSP foray, but surprisingly much remains the same from its PS2 cousin – same on/off board trick linking, same levels, same new features like the sticker slap and slow-motion for precise tricking, and same ability to map your own face to a custom skater. Most noticeable is the core gameplay, which is identical to the home console versions.

In the Tony Hawk GBA games, developers have always adapted the home console experience to fit a less powerful handheld device, but not for the PSP. Having the same controls as the PS2, with the exception of the R2 and L2 buttons, should make for a seamless transition from home to handheld. However, the missing shoulder buttons will most likely be compensated for with new setups for the displaced moves.

All 13 levels and aforementioned features from the console versions will be included in THUG2 Remix, in addition to 4 brand new levels: Las Vegas, Atlanta, Kyoto, and Santa Cruz, each with its own secret character exclusive to the PSP. Aside from the original game’s World Destruction Tour story mode and classic mode, THUG2 Remix will make full use of the PSP’s WiFi capabilities, with more than 10 4-player minigames promised. Only three are known as of yet –

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