Samurai Sword Destiny (3DS eShop) Review

Slash, Slash, Slash, Die, Repeat –

Samurai Sword Destiny is a pretty straightforward and plain game.  From a 2D sidescrolling perspective, the player will button mash through waves of enemies before the horde inevitably overwhelms the player.  Then, take the experience you earned to slowly level up and try again, going a little bit further than on the previous attempt.  Repeat.

Lacking variety, SSD is really nothing more than a hollow grindfest.

Perhaps it would not be so bad if there were more than three different enemies and unlocking new abilities didn’t cost so much.  Each stage is a simple arena providing nothing more than a flat plane to button mash on; there really is no diversity in the level design besides an occasional background change.  The occasional running stage, in which you dodge boulders, is nice enough to offer something a little different but the game still comes across as being cheap and barebones.  And the graphical style has some artistic value but ultimately falls flat due to repeated assets and a horrible 3D effect.

For $5.99, it is difficult to recommend SSD.  The repetitive nature of the gameplay is hard to ignore but the action aspect might appeal to some.  But for the asking price, there are much better alternatives on the still young 3DS eShop.


Not As Good As: you think

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