Scholastic Launches Games/Apps in Time For School

Parent-trusted Scholastic Media is introducing several new interactive titles, available across a wide range of platforms, just in time for back-to-school. Their newest titles, detailed below, are designed to tap into a variety of children's educational interests, from dinos and ocean critters to puzzle-solving and brain teasers.




Several new interactive products from Scholastic's best-selling science series, The Magic School Bus, are available for young ocean-life and dinosaur enthusiasts. With LeapFrog's Leapster Explorer and the LeapFrog LeapPad, two of the hottest toys on the market, these Magic School Bus titles are the latest in a long line of Scholastic content available on the platform. All three games are compatible with LeapFrog's highly-popular Leapster Explorer and the LeapPad.

*        THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: OCEANS (August / $25.00). Designed for children ages 5-8, the game teaches kids hundreds of interesting facts about ocean life through fun trivia challenges and seven highly-replayable games. Players earn special badges by performing well in games or trivia challenges, and can redeem them for additional features. Available as a cartridge game or for download in the LeapPad App Center.
*        THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: DINO SHUFFLE (August / $7.50). Children will be able to shuffle through a Dino Deck that beloved science teacher Ms. Frizzle has made to learn hundreds of interesting dino facts, like size, diet, speed, and more.  Then, children will be able to test their dino knowledge in two exciting, fast-paced, and highly replayable games. Available for download in the LeapFrog App Center.


The venerable seek-and-find game leader I SPY is back this fall with two new compilation game packs:

*        I SPY TWO GAME PACK for NINTENDO DS (September / $19.99) includes two of the popular franchise's award-winning titles – I SPY Fun House and I SPY Universe. Together, the games feature more than 50 riddles and over 200 levels of play for seek-and-find fans of all ages. To escape the topsy-turvy world in I SPY Fun House, players must earn tickets by completing games, riddles, and the ultimate Prize Popper challenge. I SPY Universe takes players on a different kind of puzzle-solving adventure – a trip through the cosmos. Players unlock new planets and explore the universe while searching for over 400 objects in 36 I SPY riddles, and playing six brain-teasing games.
*        The I SPY TWO GAME PACK for NINTENDO WII (September / $19.99) includes over 70 unique riddles and more than 60 interactive mini-games in two popular titles from the I SPY interactive collection. Ultimate I SPY, the first game to feature 3D environments, takes players through an eye-popping wonderland where they search above and below objects to solve riddles, puzzles, and mini-games. I SPY Spooky Mansion offers thrills and chills with a trip through a haunted mansion. Led by Skelly, a clever skeleton, players participate in mini-games, brain teasers, scavenger hunts, and 33 I SPY riddles as they try to find their way out.


For children 5-8, Scholastic Media introduces the SMART GAMES FOR KIDS TWO GAME PACK for NINTENDO DS (September / $19.99) – inclusive of two popular Nintendo DS titles – My Amusement Park and Digging for Dinosaurs. In My Amusement Park, kids build and run their own entertainment venue. Players can choose from four different themes to create rides, food venues, and special attractions in their own personal park. Digging for Dinosaurs challenges players with a variety of distinctive mini-games that range from simulated paleontological digs to dinosaur battles, all while teaching interesting facts about more than 20 prehistoric species.

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